Monday, August 1, 2011

"Janie at Heart-to-Heart Quilters"

Oil on Panel
NFS at this time

This painting represents a part of a project that I am working on with Janice Druian.  We are putting together an exhibit that focuses on people and places in selected rural areas of Oregon and northern California.  We are interviewing people who live in these areas asking them to talk to us about changes they have seen or are currently experiencing as the times and economics change.  I am doing the paintings of the people.  Janice is painting the geographic areas, farms and/or businesses.  We are including the words of those pictured as part of the exhibit.  This will be shown at the Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River, OR next April.

Janie is a woman I grew up with in southern Oregon.  In fact we were born just days apart, probably in the same hospital!  I know that Jane studied music in college and has taught and continues to teach kindergarten in schools where there are alot of children from migrant families.  Along with a partner, she owns a business in Merrill called "Heart to Heart Quilters".  They have 4 long-arm quilting machines that they use and rent out to others to use.  She is pictured here working on a quilt for a client.