Monday, January 30, 2012

"Sorting Pears, Lage Packing Shed" (sold)

Oil on Panel

Another painting in our "An Uncommon Beauty" series.  It depicts a group of women as they inspect the pears coming in for packing.  I was struck by the brilliant green of the pears and the intensely bright light shining over them contrasted with the browns and greys of the surroundings.  You can see more of my paintings for this series by clicking on the page in the upper right corner of this blog.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Jesse, the Man and His Machine"

Image size:  13"x11"
Linoleum Block Print
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Here's the next installment of the artwork for "An Uncommon Beauty", a depiction of a foreman on a farm that raises horseradish in the Klamath Basin.  Behind him is the machinery he uses to dig with.  He was so great to talk to, explaining alot to me about growing the crop and also freely discussing his life and the good fortune he's found.  He may have found good fortune, but it's clear he's worked hard for it too!

Friday, January 20, 2012

ANNOUNCING A NEW PAGE "An Uncommon Beauty--Paintings of Life and Land East of the Cascades"

Visit this new page in my blog (see upper right) to see the paintings I am creating for this project on rural life and for a description of the project!  New work will be added as the paintings are finished. Feel free to comment!

"Thinning Pear Trees, Lage Farms", 16"x12", oil on panel

"Two Pies of 3500!" (sold)

Oil on Panel

This is another painting for an upcoming show depicting the land and people in different parts of rural Oregon and northern California.  The subject here is the "Pie-Lady" at Apple Valley Store in the Hood River Valley as she makes some apple/berry pies.  She said that she probably made 3500 pies in 2010!  Wow!  The store is wonderful!  They sell jellies, jams and other condiments they produce along with amazing pear dumplings and a big variety of pies from locally grown fruit. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Packing Up Apples"

Oil on Panel
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Holidays are past and life is getting a bit back to normal and for me that means getting back to painting! This is another painting for our "An Uncommon Beauty" project. The setting is a packing house in the Hood River Valley that is owned by one of the larger orchardists in the area.  I asked and found out that a big farm as far as orchards go is 500 acres.  That was interesting to me, as a big ranch in SE Oregon could be 25,000 acres, and a big farm in the Klamath Basin could be a couple of thousand. . .everything is relative!