Sunday, February 14, 2010

"The New Moon Beckons"

app. 15"x20"
prismacolor and pastel on bristol board
$425 includes US s/h
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I've been working on illustrations the past two days, so haven't really done anything to post--and then I remembered this drawing! It was done about 4 1/2 years ago in a style I have worked in off and on for many years. I really like drawing like this, love the shading, love getting nuances. This drawing is a reflection of the mystery that nighttime, outside and alone, holds for me. Did you notice the figure in the upper left? (Alot of people miss that!)


Shirley Peters said...

Beautiful illustration, Vicki. I love your graphic treatment that shows movement of the wings.

Julie Hill said...

Vicki, I have awarded you the blogging "Sunshine Award" for your just magnificent figuratives. Swing by my blog to pick it up.

marywd said...

Very nice Vicki. I especially like the portrayal of movement, and yes noticed the woman right away.