Friday, November 5, 2010

"Cruisin' Through the Park"

Oil on Board
Going through my photos today, I came across this one given to me by a friend and there we go!  I loved the carefree feel of the kid on his rollerblades.  It reminded me of riding my bike when I was a kid, feeling the air go through my hair, just being so into the moment. . .the wonderful thing is that it doesn't have to stop when you're a grown-up!  Think I'll get me some rollerskates!


Diana said...

I love the way you painted this. The trees in the background are so loose and free like the rollerblader. Makes me smile.

Erik said...

You've really captured that carefree feeling here, well done.

Chris Eckberg said...

Vicki, you really nailed the nonchalant, "hangin' loose" attitude that kids have towards almost everything they do! Your brushstrokes are right on the money, nice work!