Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Walk #2"

Image size:  5.5" h x 19"w
Graphite on Bristol Board
Contact me for purchase information and for photos of the framed drawing

My apologies for the not so great photo!  I sent the drawing off to be framed without realizing my photo was so lacking!  Hopefully you get the idea.  This drawing, as in my previous "Walk" drawing was inspired by the many photos I have of people doing just that--walking!  I really like taking the subjects out of their context and seeing what is made new as I put them together.  I like to see the relationships that are created by doing this.  Below is a photo of the 1st "Walk" drawing.

This drawing is also available.  You can contact me for a photo of the framed drawing and for purchase information.

1 comment:

Vernita Bridges Hoyt said...

I really love your drawings of people walking! They are nicely done. See you at the Daily Painters Gallery.