Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Quiet Presence--European Sculpture Garden at the Met" (sold)

Oil on Panel

The scene of this little painting is at the Met in NYC.  I was so struck by the light in this space--absolutely beautiful, lots of shadows and contrast.  Too, I really noticed the contrast of the sculptures perched unmoving on their pedastals with the people walking through the place.  Quite a juxtaposition of energies!  I used a different palette of colors for this painting:  yellow ochre, raw sienna, Indian red, burnt umber, ivory black, chromatic black and white.  It's amazing the beautiful array of colors you can get out of that and almost ideal for this subject.  I'm afraid my photo isn't picking up the warming tones of the painting--the lights have alot of warmth to them.


Arti said...

beautiful doubt!

Megha Kapoor said...

loved the composition and the free strokes with which you have painted. great work!