Friday, March 14, 2008

"Wild Ride" (sold)

Oil on Board

The subject of this painting is pretty appropriate today! LIFE has been a wild ride the past couple of days--one day brings the good news of being included on the Daily Painters Gallery website and the next, yesterday, brings the sad news of having to put down our deeply loved dog, Murphy. Needless to say, I feel like I'm on that horse--but I am hanging on! Murphy was a joy and a blessing and all shall be well. For the moment, my concentration isn't too great and I see things that need to be changed in this painting--I'll reshoot after I make them!


Debbie said...

Wonderful composition and color and EVERYTHING! A fabulous start for Daily Painters!

Debbie said...

This is a terrific beginning for Daily Painters. Welcome! And so sorry about Murphy...all dogs go to Heaven, you know... :-)