Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"In the Beginning"

Black Prismacolor Pencil on Yupo

This is a sample illustration I created for St. Mary's Press and tried to post it yesterday, but for some reason it wouldn't upload. St. Mary's Press is updating a bible they publish that's geared towards high school age people and have asked me to do an illustration to precede each book of the Bible--73 of them! I'm excited and honored to get to work on this project! My part will be finished sometime in January--an intense few months! Hope my daily painting can stay somewhat on track!

I've really hit a wall since finishing up the paintings for the show I just hung and the illustration job that preceded it--I have a little painting on the easel, but just couldn't bring myself to face it today! Guess it's called burn-out! I expect it won't last long!

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