Saturday, March 6, 2010

"At the Bend Summer Festival"

Oil on Board

Well, I am calling this finished! There are passages in this painting that I really like, but it still is not the painting I was hoping to do! This is one that shows me that I have much to learn! I have signed up to take a workshop in September with Kim English. Maybe I'll paint the subject again after that! I love how he works with color and value to create a cohesive composition. That is more what I was hoping for with this, but didn't quite get there. I think the subject has alot of potential, though, so will have to work with it some more. I think I get too distracted by the "bits and pieces" and lose sight of the whole. . .but, hey, I painted!! Hooray to all of us that go back to the easel time and time again!


Dana Cooper said...

This is a nice piece. I did a workshop with Kim English a year ago. It was a good experience and one that has influenced my work since....
and you are right, hooray...!

Barb Hillier said...

This is beautiful Vicki and nice to see how it changed as you worked on it. It's got a great feel and makes me nostalgic for the summer markets.