Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Ready to Plant, Too" (sold)

Oil on Board

Another little painting from the past, a companion to yesterday's post. . .spring has sprung!

I've been working on larger pieces for my show and haven't really felt like putting up the photos of them in process. I think I need to feel the freedom to fail and sometimes trying to have something to post at the end of the day doesn't give me that. I was just watching a great program, "Art Beat", that is produced by our Oregon Public Television and there was an artist featured, William Park. He was talking about his attitudes towards doing his work and it made me think about having that "freedom to fail"--which also is the place where discoveries are made. Of all the places in one's life, one ought to be able to have their creative time be that open and unencumbered. Mine often is not. It's really hard not to get caught up in the idea of constantly having something to post and/or to sell, or that has to please a publisher. I feel like I need to set apart of piece of my "art" time for things I don't have to show to anyone and to recapture that freedom that comes with burrowing down into my own space and heart and letting what wants to come out at the time, come out. I love what I've been doing and somehow need to find this balance.

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Kelley Sanford said...

Nice shapes, simply handled. It just sings that spring is here.