Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Little Reader"

Linoleum Block Print
$55 includes domestic s/h
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I carved and printed this linoleum block print as a gift for the mother of the subject. Like yesterday's post, this is one of those pieces that was just a joy to do! This is a very limited edition of 4 prints plus 1 Artist's Proof. I used Daniel Smith water-base relief printmaking ink on a lightweight Japanese-style archival printmaking paper. The prints were made without a press and the image measures 5 5/8" high by 5 3/8" wide.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

This is charming and beautifully done.

Tahirih said...

Wow! I'm inspired all over again...there's so many options to create as an artist, and I forget about some of them...the block print! I haven't done that since school...I want to do one:)