Sunday, March 20, 2011

'What's Happening Over There?"

Oil on Board
$175 plus $10 domestic s/h
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I have lost count of how many paintings I have wiped off this week!  It seems to be a time of finding a new way and not alot is working right now.  I've often thought of the words of an art prof of mine many years ago--I had reached a plateau and drawing wasn't going as well as it usually had.  He told me not to worry, that it was because I was learning something new.  I don't know how many times I have passed that on to my own students over the years when they get discouraged, but I sure don't like having to deal with it myself--especially after so many drawings, paintings and so many years.  I guess there are two ways to look at it:  1.  I will never find a place to "rest" with my painting where things predictably work or, 2., I will never find a place to "rest" with my painting because there is always growth and change.  Ok, I know the answer. . .it just isn't always very pleasant!!  (:  Happy growth in painting to us all!


Linda Popple said...

I like your painting! Your composition is good and your greens are beautiful.

Your post really hits home right now! Seems as though it is two steps forward, one step back or even three steps back! Growth is good, but it certainly can be hard!!

Susan Roux said...

I hope you're happy with this one. It's wonderful!

I have found that to be true. Those times of "block" are a transition time and when you emerge from them, you have learned something new and paint better. Don't you just wonder what will improve? It's kind of exciting, really.

Marian Fortunati said...

I agree with everything Linda said!!!

Arti said...

I like your stroke work very much, this one is very good in terms of color and composition.