Wednesday, April 6, 2011

painting in process

Oil on Cradled Panel

I began this painting over a year ago and decided it was time to get to work on it so that is what I've been doing the past couple of days.  I had painted an 8x10 version of this and looked forward to doing a larger one, but  I'm not sure where this will go!  I don't have the vision for it that I did when I painted the first one.  I really enjoyed the smaller format, too.  There was a freshness of brushstrokes I really liked and a spontaneity that I find more difficult to achieve in this larger size.  We shall see! 

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Tahirih said...

It's looking good! Don't give up. I see the freshness, even if you don't. I have a hard time with anything bigger than 12 x 16, too, it seems. The brushes don't fill up the space fast enough, and I run out of steam before the painting is finished. I always feel like the last half is laboured, and I'm never quite happy with the results.