Saturday, September 27, 2008

Painting in Process--It's a Dog's Life #2

Oil on Board
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Well, I started out working on this today with high hopes and lots of enthusiasm. I really liked how a couple of areas were going. so I got going! After hours of work, I ended up scraping off all I had done the last two days. I just don't think this painting is going to get finished until later. I still haven't figured out what's not been working with it--though I can think of one thing. The brushstrokes were really inconsistent. In my post on Thursday (?), I showed the upper left of the painting which I really like. The next day, I worked hard on the dog and did him in a very painterly way, piling on the paint--had a great time, too! But the more I worked on it today, it just never felt cohesive or "natural" to paint for me. It was as if I was trying to paint someone else's painting in a way. At any rate, I decided I'll let it dry, then see what I think and go back to it when I'm more relaxed with it!

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Terry Rafferty said...

Hi Vicki - as usual its been a bit since I have checked in - love these new stable series, and the rollercoaster just made me smile. Just had our state fair here last week and even though you aren't happy with the brightness, I think you captured the essence very well.