Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Little Cowboy"

Oil on Gessoboar

Ta-Da!! I finished this commission! I am jumping up and down inside! Actually, there's a spot I'm going to tweak, but this is about it.

Commissions are hard for me. Just the stress of wondering if the buyer will like it, and in the case of this painting, needing to get a good likeness of the child, the horse and the car! It's an interesting process and I hope they're happy with it!


LSaeta said...

Of course they will love it! You absolutely nailed it! Congrats!

Dewberry Fine Art said...

This is really fabulous.

laine lea said...

Vicki, this is beautiful _ NO doubt they will love, love it! Also, love the 'face' series....inspiring!

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

As a commission it must have been hard to have so much to get likenesses a painting it is really wonderful and I can't imagine your client being anything less than thrilled with it...kudos!