Friday, June 12, 2009

Painting in Process--commission

Oil on Gessoboard

I finally have made some progress on a painting I've been asked to do! It feels great to get into it. It's a challenge, though! I felt like it was important to have a good likeness of the child, and that has worked pretty well. Now, it seems like I've got myself into a position where everything else has to work around that because I sure don't want to change it!! Some of the things in the painting need to be color-accurate--like the horse and the car. I'm just not sure where this will go!

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Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Oh Vicki, I feel your pain! I understand completely that feeling of having something work in a painting and having to paint around it.
You however are a gifted artist who can find your way back to the likeness should it go awry while working on the rest of it.
Your start is wonderful, can't wait to see the finished painting!