Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Hosmer Lake Reflections" (sold)

Oil on Gessoboard

Today was a day for doing something different! A few weeks ago we went up to Hosmer Lake, in the Cascades not far from here and got to kayak for the first time, little dog and all! A beautiful hot day with great company including birds I'd never heard before. This painting is taken from a photo I took that evening as the reflected trees were illuminated by the setting sun. It was truly spectacular. As for this painting, after awhile I got out my palette knives when I saw how wrapped up in detail I was getting. I really enjoyed working with them!


Sally Shisler......... said...

Hi Vicki. This is beautiful! Gorgeous color and so much energy. It's exciting to see more artists turning to the palette knife from time to time.

LSaeta said...

So glad to see that you had fun with your palette knives! This one is stunning!