Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Three Ripe Cherries" (sold)

Oil on Gessoboard
I'm leading a mini-workshop this week on doing the daily paintings, so I didn't really think I'd be getting any painting done myself, but today it worked out! I won't even go into how much trouble I had with this little guy. . .you don't want to know! However. I painted. That's the point, right? It's been a kick, though. A great group of very interested and talented people who really love to do their art. Doing this has made me go back and review what we covered nearly two years ago at Carol Marine's workshop and THAT has been invaluable! Since that blessed time in Santa Fe, I've really gotten into doing the figurative work and working from photos. Going back to all these notes--and remembering why I took Carol's workshop in the first place--has been like coming home and makes me excited to approach my painting in a different way again.

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