Monday, August 3, 2009

"Walking a Fine Line"

actual image size: 6.6"x5"
graphite on bristol board
$150 includes s/h
this drawing is available through Tumalo Art Company

I saw this fellow practicing his "tightrope walking" one morning in the park and he generously let me take pics of him to paint from.
I really enjoy doing these pencil drawings as they give me a chance to focus on the subject without being concerned so much about the background/setting as I am with the paintings. Maybe I don't have to be!! Anyway, though, they give me a different way of looking at the subject. I have such a tendency to have to put everything in (context, background) and I like the way space and shape play off each other in these simpler drawings. It would be a challenge to paint that way! I suppose I could try it. . . .?


dacoop said...

Your drawing made me son does the same thing. He however, calls it 'slacklining'...great for core strength training.

laine lea said...

enjoyed catching up on your works hee Vicki - have always loved graphite drawings and this one is so nice. Happy painting!