Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"High Desert Country"

App. 13"x10"
Color Pencil and Pastel on Bristol Board
$200 includes domestic s/h
email me if you're interested in purchasing this drawing

As mentioned in my previous post, the last few days have been full of teaching and illustration work. I just finished this drawing and two others to illustrate an article for the December issue of the magazine St. Anthony Messenger. The article by Kathy Coffey is on Advent and part of it incorporates a desert theme. It was nice to be able to use the desert that I know living here on the edge of the Great Basin as my inspiration for "desert". During Advent, we are called to go into our own "deserts" and prepare for the new life being offered to us---a season to shake off the dust and discouragement and to open up to renewal.

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Linda Schweitzer said...

I really like this! It really carries the spiritual connection.