Friday, October 23, 2009

"Newell Grain Elevator Woodblock Print"

Oil-based ink on Rives Lightweight paper
Edition of 8
$200 includes domestic s/h
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This two-color block print is of a grain-storage elevator (not sure why they called them elevators!) near Newell, California, very close to where I grew up. It is next to what is commonly called "Petroglyph Rock", the Lava Beds and "The Peninsula". Each of those places speak of the history of the area. The Lava Beds is a national park full of just that, the remnants of very old volcanoes. It was also a refuge for the Modoc Indians as they resisted being overtaken by the US cavalry and placed on a reservation--the story's much longer! Petroglyph rock looks like a big rocky bump on the landscape, but one side of it is full of ancient petroglyphs by the indigenous peoples. The Peninsula used to be a peninsula when the area was still under water. It, too, has petroglyphs drawn on it. Another landmark that is just a few miles from these grain elevators is the site of a Japanese internment camp from WWII. AND, another 6-8 miles from there is the site of a German POW camp, also from WWII. Quite alot of history in what can feel like the middle of nowhere!


Peter Gander said...

Lovely woodcut, the colours are nicley understated.

Paula Cravens said...

Vicki, I admire your blockprints very much!