Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Mimi" Commission

Oil on Board

Commissions--most notably portraits--bring out all the blurts, as Julia Cameron calls all those negative voices!! And this one was not exception! It actually looks just like the subject and I expect she will think it's fine--I'll find out tomorrow! However, until then. . . . .you just do your best and let it go!!


Julie Hill said...

Vicki, absolutely fantastic!!! Love the warmth and glow, the relaxed feeling she is portraying....job well done! I am sure they will be ecstatic.

Rishi Kapil said...

Like the subject and style .Will follow your blog surely.

Paula Cravens said...

Vicki, this is a very nice portrait, very strong, lots of character.
I challenge you to do a self-portrait.