Saturday, May 1, 2010

Guest Artist--Janice Druian "The Storm Came In"

Oil on Canvas
$400 plus s/h
contact Janice Druian for purchase information

Janice Druian is a central Oregon artist that has a way of finding and capturing on canvas the drama of our region. The way she uses light in her paintings really stands out for me, as do her strong compositions. One of the things I love about this high desert country is the ever-changing sky (I know Montana is "big sky country", but I think eastern Oregon is, too)! Janice not only "gets" the feel of the clouds and the landscape, but also the rural feel of it. See more of her paintings at her website


Stephen Parker said...


Thanks for posting a link to Janice's work. You're right, she is very good.

However, it speaks volumes about your own talent that you can feature other exceptional artists on your blog and know you will gain, rather than lose, followers.


Kathy said...

You really caught that storm. It looks like a watercolor. This is a compliment since I am a watercolorist. :)