Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"At the Cafe Counter"

Oil on Board

I just finished this commission of a painting I've done just a few times before! It is still a pleasure to work with this subject. This couple is at a cafe in Portland, OR called the Byways Cafe. It's a great little place with an Americana travel theme going on and looks like a diner out of the 50's. Good food, too!

I'm taking a couple of month's break from being in the Daily Painters Gallery (www.dailypainters.com). I need to be putting my energies towards painting for an upcoming show, illustration work and marketing and it's difficult for me to do that and try to do small paintings regularly, too--if you've been following, I'm sure you've noticed!! I'll be posting whatever I'm painting on my blog, though, so keep on following, or become a follower! I appreciate you all!


Lori Bonanni said...

Vicki, This is perfect! You've really captured the essence of the scene.

A Painter's Journal said...

Love this painting Vicki! I can see why people wanted more of it!
Best of luck preparing for your upcoming shows, etc.

Corrina DiLella said...

Beautiful piece! Your use of light is incredibly soothing and realistic. I also really enjoy your painterly style. And your composition is well thought out. Excellent work :)