Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Hot-Air Balloon Rising"

OIl on Board
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My little dog woke me up at 4:40 this morning and as I was trying to go back to sleep I remembered the "Balloons Over Bend" (hot air balloon festival) that was happening this morning. Every year I think I'm going to get up and go watch them take off, but never quite make it! No excuses today! It was a gorgeous sunny morning and such a joy to watch the gigantic colorful forms fill up with air and begin to rise. I have to thank my pup for getting me up!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

What a great painting, Vicki! I'm glad your pup got you up, too. The color is so bright, I feel as if I am there!

Paula Cravens said...

I didn't know Bend had hot air balloons. It sounds like an interesting place. I must check it out someday.

Elegant Marie said...

I was there - wasn't it a glorious crisp morning? You've done a great job capturing the moment, as those balloons really move one they lift off!