Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Table for Four" 2nd time around! (sold)

Oil on board
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I've been working on this second version and like it much better. I think the colors and composition work better and it was definitely much easier not working on the dark gesso for this one.

It's been very strange not working on something for my blog very often lately. I really miss not having time to paint or draw for it nearly every day, but also, it's been good to take some time to think about why I do it, what I'd like to try, etc. I absolutely love making the little paintings and hope to get back to it soon as I can. The teaching I've been doing has got me inspired to do some pen and ink wash drawings as a practice and watercolor sketches, too, just to try to shake up my seeing a bit!


Katie Wilson-Bernatas said...

You have an awesome control of your palette here. The continuous browns and golds with a touch of light blue. I love that color combo. :)

Susan Roux said...

This one is awesome! Love the punched up reds. It makes it more inviting. Can I come?

David Larson Evans said...

This works very well. I gave up the dark gesso myself.

Tracy Leagjeld said...

Oh this is gorgeous, Vicki!! I love the pattern of light through out.

Elegant Marie said...

I knew this was CHOW before I even read the caption. Your work is consistently and refreshingly captivating - making the ordinary extraordinary . . . don't ever stop!

Jane @ River Bend Fine Art / Bend

PS we need to go for a nice walk along the river again . . . SOON

Elegant Marie said...

Vicki - I KNEW this was Chow before I read the description! Keep up your amazing work - see you soon! Jane PS we need to go for another walk!

Janice said...

I love this painting, the colors are great and the composition is very inviting!

Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Wonderful light and warmth in this one really have it goin' on girl!!


FCP said...

Hi Vicki, I really like this one! Great composition and color,