Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Alicia Painting" (sold)

Oil on Board

This week I have the good fortune of taking a workshop by artist Kim English. This is a quick study of one of the other participants that I painted yesterday. We are in Newport, Oregon and had a gorgeous day on the bayfront yesterday, painting boats and docks and each other. To watch Kim paint is well worth the $$ of being here. Today we began on the beach on a cloudy day which, unfortunately turned to a wild downpour in the afternoon. We tried really hard to paint but had to quit in favor of a dinner of fresh caught crab, salmon and cod. Not bad! Tomorrow, though, we are back inside painting the figure. Really looking forward to that!


Susan Roux said...

Sounds wonderful! Enjoy your workshop. Love what you captured in this quick sketch.

A Painter's Journal said...

This is gorgeous, Vicki. I am not sure you need the workshop! I am anxious to hear more though - I am taking his class in Nov. and I can't wait.