Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Playing the Bordunua"

Linoleum block print/watercolor

This is another of the series of prints for the illustrations I mentioned in yesterday's post. The publisher wanted to highlight four different areas of Latin America: Mexico, the Carribean, Central America and South America. This one is of a man playing an instrument called a "bordunua" from Jamaica. It was so fun to do this, but I still think I should have visited there to do my research!!!
I had a question regarding the technique I used in these. I printed the linoleum block print with oil-based relief printmaking ink then watercolored it when it was dry. I usually use Somerset Satin paper with this technique as it is a bright white that lets the color stay true and it is a little more flexible and soft than a hot press watercolor paper.


Susan Carrington said...

You do not cease to amaze me. These prints are really lovely and the detail, color and feel look like a different artist — Your range and talent are really something!
Hope you're well. I'm now working on the BFA in painting thru OSU w/ Sandy Brooke.
Still hope to go out among the horses sometime to sketch! Sue Carrington

Paula Cravens said...

I love block prints. Yours are so rich! What do you use to cut them?