Thursday, April 9, 2009

"lifted from the no of all nothing" (sold)

Mixed Media Drawing on Bristol Board
$120 includes s/h
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In yesterday's post, I explained how this drawing came to be, so today I'll talk about the technique. One of the profs I had in college, Demetrios Jameson, had created beautiful and luminous artwork using charcoal drawings that were glazed with oils on a gessoed watercolor paper. I loved how he was able to add color to his drawings and really keep the feeling of "drawing". He never really told me how he did it and so I tried to figure out a way for myself to add color to my black and white drawings while keeping the drawing intact. The thing I came up with that has worked the best for me was to do my drawing on a smooth surface with a black color pencil, fix it, rub powdered pastel colors onto it, fix that, add another layer of both black and color color pencils and keep layering in this way until I got to the desired finish. I've done alot of drawing this way, but not much since I began painting so regularly the past couple of years! I have to admit that this is NOT my best attempt!
I am going to a wedding in sunny (I hope) southern California tomorrow, so won't be posting for a few days!

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LSaeta said...

Oops - it is supposed to rain tomorrow so I am afraid the Oregon weather is coming down here with you. I like your painting - interesting technique - sounds fun!