Friday, April 17, 2009

"Proud Fella"

Image: 15"x12"
Graphite on Bristol Board
$75 includes s/h
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I'm getting hooked on these roosters and hens! I'm teaching a drawing class on Thursday nights, so it's got me thinking in terms of drawing technique more than usual--just becoming aware again of marks and curiously watching how I do them. Watching people with less drawing experience has made me pay attention to things like that and wondering about the process of developing one's own "stroke". I draw in different styles depending on the purpose of the drawing, but find that when I am just drawing for myself, my lines are more vigorous and I tend to use the eraser more for texture, too.
Here's a couple of pictures from my Thursday night classes on beginning drawing. We were working on shading using charcoal and white conte crayon on a toned paper.

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Peter Gander said...

Lovely, energetic sketch.