Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Passion for Painting Award!


Nearly 10 days ago, Carolyn Finnell, a wonderful painter, nominated me for this award and I'm just getting the time to respond to it! I thank her for the honor and encourage you to check out her blog with her excellently crafted work!

The ways this works is that I name 7 things I love which are, among many:
1. that my husband is a painter and totally understands the affliction
2. my dog, well, I should say, OUR dog, Tobey and how he keeps me playing
3. being an aunt--7 neices and nephews that I adore and three grand nieces and nephews
5. dancing!
6. having grandchildren without having gone through the trauma of raising my own kids
7. did I mention PAINTING (and reading and movies and walking and music and ice cream)?

Next, I list 7 other artists whose work is really great! Please check them out! One thing I am really enjoying about this whole process of blogging is being exposed to these peoples' work:
- Jala Pfaff
-Jennifer Woodburn
-Raymond Logan
-Leslie Saeta
-Tracy Leagjeld
-Sara Winters
-Sandra Galda

IF YOU ARE TAGGED, should you desire to keep this going, you are asked to name and link to 7 others whose work you admire and let them know about it, list 7 things you love and put a link to the person who tagged you.

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