Thursday, September 17, 2009

"The Horse, the Rider and the American Flag" detail (sold)

Oil on Gessoboard

It feels like such a long time since I've posted! I've been up to Canada to visit family and just returned this afternoon from the Pendleton Roundup--both were too much fun! In between, I finished this little commission which is more detailed and tighter than I've been painting, but I really enjoyed it and like how it turned out.

A HUGE highlight of the past week was stopping at the Howard-Mandville Gallery in Kirkland, WA and seeing original paintings by Karin Jurick!!!! It's been nearly three years since I discovered her blog and, with it, the encouragement I needed to try doing the kind of artwork I've always wanted to do--figurative and "slice of life" kinds of subjects. I didn't actually bow down in front of her paintings, but nearly so! Karin is simply masterful at what she does. It was really interesting to see originals. The surfaces of her paintings were enamel-like and smooth, when I thought they would have more texture from thicker paint. The use of a black ground for her paintings provides an interesting component that I could understand more in seeing originals than just the photos, too. Her brushstokes are quite evident and so carefully placed--just beautiful.

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