Monday, February 14, 2011

Guest Artist--Gary Vincent, Untitled Abstract Drawing

Image size:  app. 19"x16"
Graphite on Paper
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Both my husband, Gary, and I did drawings today, but I like his SO much better that I asked him if I could post it instead of my own!  He said he was inspired to do it from some conversations we had this weekend about line and drawing.  I am working up an experimental drawing class to be given through the Art Station this summer--and, really, it looks to me like HE should lead it!  I have found that when I'm asked to suggest a class I might offer, it usually ends up being something that I am feeling the need to do in my own work, hence, "experimental drawing" as an antidote to the representational work I've been so absorbed in. 

Back to Gary's drawing:  he used different graphite sticks and it includes rubbings from various objects, erasures, moving graphite around with a wine cork.  It's an exciting piece of work!  The energy and evidence of the artist's hand is everywhere in this drawing.  It is amazing how difficult  it can be to be so "spontaneous and free". 

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Anonymous said...

Great piece. Reminds me of some of
the work in Stephen Aimone's book
"Expressive Drawing".