Sunday, February 6, 2011


Image size:  app. 6"x20"
Graphite on Bristol Board
$225 plus $10 domestic s/h
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As I mentioned when I posted the unfinished version of this the other day, I was needing a drawing fix!  I have all these photos of people I've taken the past three years and I've been wanting to try something different besides just putting them in the context in which they "live".  I chose a group of figures that are all walking just to see what would happen.  Originally, I felt like they would be totally separate, unconnected, single figures in space.  As I drew, I couldn't resist connecting them with marks and erasures.  I think I could play with this drawing even more, diminishing some of the figures some while others stand out.  It will stay the way it is for now. . .who know what might happen?  If it changes, I'll post a new photo of it!  I like the possibilities, though, that doing this drawing has raised.  I can see exploring this idea for awhile.  Do I sense the beginning of a series?

Here are a couple of detail shots.

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