Friday, February 18, 2011

Painting in Process Day 1: Pine Ridge, Red Cloud Agency, Nebraska

Triptych:  each panel measures 36"x30"
Oil on canvas
Commission, NFS

Talk about from one extreme to another!  Yesterday a 8"x6" painting to today's triptych that is 7 1/2 feet long!  Fifteen, eighteen years ago I was painting large landscapes like this.  I was approached to do this as a commission and I was really excited to revisit this way of working.  I love painting rock formations--there's something very sensuous about it.  So different from the paintings I do from day to day now, these paintings start with photos for reference, then I do rough sketches and color sketches and then base my final painting on my sketches more than the photo.  I can't begin to talk about how it feels to paint so large compared to the little ones--maybe in the days to come, as this is what I will be working on until it's finished.

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Paula K. Cravens said...

This is an exciting challenge. Looks like your'e off to a great start.