Saturday, December 6, 2008

"BBQ Babes" (and being tagged!)

Oil on canvas panel
$100 plus $10 s/h
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Well, first about the painting--of which I haven't been able to do much of lately! These girls were seen at the Merril Potato Festival in October at a community BBQ sponsored by the local Lions Club every year. I was actually gong to concentrate on the one on the left--I was intrigued with her black-line-surrounded eyes, her many studs and her suspicious expression! Maybe that will be another painting. 5x7 is SO SMALL!! Anyway, I working on the other person first and realized that SHE was the subject of this one! She doesn't look too thrilled with her meal. . .

Where's Merrill and what's a Potato Festival? In southern Oregon, about 5 miles from Tule Lake, CA. . .
The Potato Festival comes each October to celebrate the harvest in what at least used to be a big potato-growing area. Football games, a parade, the BBQ, a dance and lots of exhibits in Merrill, which seems like it's always had a population ranging from 750-950 as far as I can remember.

OK--not painting these days is very hard. Maybe the woman in the painting is a reflection of how I feel about that right now--pretty disgruntled. The illustration job I'm doing is very consuming. It is going well and I am pleased with alot of things about it. However, I'm finding it really hard to switch gears to painting--and it is painful to me. Hopefully the coming week will allow for some time at the easel.


First the rules, as I understand them: You link to the person who tagged you in your blog, you mention the rules, you say 7 interesting (or whatever) things about yourself and then tag other bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know they've been tagged.

MY TAGGERS: Roxanne Steed and Carolyn Finnell. Please check out their blogs if you haven't--great work and musings on both!

THE TAGGEE: me and I was so intimidated by this thing when I thought I had to list 7 INTERESTING things about myself--never have I felt more dull. Fortunately, my husband has a different perspective.

1. I was one of 26 peo0ple in my high school graduating class (in Merrill, of course)--just a small town girl

2. I took a road trip to the Yukon Territory with a "friend" in my bright yellow VW bus back in '78 to fish and camp for about a month; the sight I won't forget is arriving to the top of a hill on a muddy, rutted ALCAN highway and not being able to see a telephone/electric pole or another road or a clearcut for as far as I could see

3. I am a descendent of the Achomawi Tribe (northern California)

4. I have not read WAR AND PEACE and I only skipped the chapters on the Battle of Waterloo in LES MISERABLES

5. I am a 9 on the enneagram

6. I lived alone in a teepee for a few months after said trip to the Yukon. It was great until I sat on a slug in the "teepee-style" outhouse I had and the Oregon rains began in earnest

7. I raised and showed steers and cows in 4-H

And now to the NEW TAGGED! Some of these are artists that are new to me and a couple are some I've been following. Hope you enjoy them! Jennifer Bellinger, Jeffrey Boron, Sharon Wright, Atul Pande, Deltra Powney, Mary Sheehan Winn and Craig and Tanya Amberson.


Craig and Tanya Amberson, said...

Thanks for the tag Vicki! I hope we have time to play too after we get the last of our Christmas commissions finished and shipped. It's crunch time around here!


Susan D said...

Greetings Vicki, I see you were recently "tagged." I just tagged you too! You are one popular woman. :)

I just started blogging so please stop by my little spot and visit soon.

Blessings, Susan

Sharon Wright said...

Hi, thanks for the link, love your blog, and I have read War and Peace!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Those are interesting tidbits! Thanks Vicki!