Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Libby" #14 of 50 faces (sold)

image: 6"x6"
graphite on bristol board
I treated myself to a Starbucks coffee today and Libby served me through the drive-up window. I never thought I'd do a drawing or a painting of somebody with such a grin--I always thought it would look too posed or something. But when I looked at my photos, she was just so adorable (and I don't use that word much!) that I had to do it! The full picture of her handing me my cup of coffee looks like it might have to be a painting one of these days!
My frustration with posting these drawings is that I never seem to be able to get them to show up dark enough in value here without making the paper look very dark--and this is whether I scan them on my computer or take a photo of them. If anyone has any ideas about how I can do a better job with this, I'd be happy to hear them!

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Paula Cravens said...

What a great grin! I'd paint her too. Really nice Vicki. I am enjoying the face series very much and getting inspired!