Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Seen at the Byways Cafe" (sold)

Oil on Board
NFS at this time

This has been a blessed day. I opened my emails this morning to have received so much encouragement from some of you after yesterday's post. Jeff Boron (visit his site through the link on the right) commisserated as he said how as he and his wife, Linny, are getting ready for a show, too, that "fun paintings turn into nightmares and the bad spirits are having a party"!! A couple of things came to mind: one is seeing and appreciating the community of bloggers and the other is seeing that this enterprise takes some humility and acceptance of where I am--can't be anywhere else!

Anyway, this painting is finished and I am grateful for the opportunity to do it! It is from a visit to this cafe in Portland, OR.

Also, I am adding some other bloggers you might want to look up to my list of daily painters. Karin Jurick was my first inspiration to do this work--she is truly amazing in her portrayal of everyday events and people. Laine Lea is working with colored pencil and exploring different subjects. Don Gray has an exquisite series of ocean waves he's been working on along with other subjects. Lyn Feudner has some lovely watercolors of cactus and fruit. Craig and Tanya Amberson have fun paintings of animals--lots of dogs--and they offer some of the proceeds of their sales to helping animals. Mary Sheehan Winn works in a variety of media creating still lifes and landscapes.

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh my.... fanning myself....
I'm so honored to be listed among these accomplished artists on the blog of an accomplished artist.
Thank you so much.