Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Barbara" face #20 in a series of 50

image: 6"x6"
graphite on bristol board
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Note 5/23/90: I was asked by Barbara to remove her image as she does not like to have it on the internet, so am honoring that request.

Today's drawing is of a new artist showing at Tumalo Art Company here in Bend, Oregon, Barbara. She exhibits encaustic paintings which are wonderfully textured and carefully composed. I don't know alot about the technique, but what I have learned from her makes me realize that it is a difficult one to master. Click on Tumalo Art Company to see her work.

Just a note to clarify this series of faces--it came to me to do these drawings as a way to be able to keep posting 5 days a week (about!) while I am deeply involved in an illustration project. The project is going well--it is about 100 pieces and I will be finished with the bulk of it by the end of this month. AND THEN I CAN PAINT AGAIN!! Meanwhile I am enjoying this.

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