Friday, January 16, 2009

"Woman at the Cafe" #25 in a series of 50 faces (sold)

Image: 6"x6"
graphite on bristol board
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This is a person I caught in a photo while at a local cafe. She makes me think of all the "ladies" (as we called any woman that was older and not a relative) that I knew growing up in a little town. Her permed hair, the combination of a man's t-shirt and beads with her fleece jacket just kind of speak of a particular place in our culture.

I have a great little story about my post from the other day, "Deborah". A fellow happened to see the drawing on the Daily Painters Gallery (as best as I can tell) and recognized her as a great friend of his wife. They live in southern California, quite a distance from central Oregon! He forwarded the drawing to Deborah. He then contacted me and told me of his connection with her and then Deb contacted me and told me that the person that was with her when I took the photo was his wife! Kind of a double surprise. And then to top it off, this fellow is a daily painter/blogger, also, and does wonderful work and we are trading the drawing for a painting of his. I am so excited! Please visit his blog

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