Friday, January 23, 2009

"Danielle" in process

Oil on Board
Not for sale yet

I've taken a couple of days to PAINT!!! It's been over two months since I've painted--can't believe it! It feel so good to do it, though it was kind of scary to begin with.
This painting, even though it is signed, is not finished. I've decided I'm going to work to see if I can get a better likeness of Danielle--then I can keep the title. Otherwise, I'll have to make something up! :-) Danielle is such a beautiful child and I really want to see if I can capture the wide-eyed and relaxed openness of her expression.

I am still working on the 73 illustrations for the College Youth Bible 2010 which is being published by St. Mary's Press. The plan was to be finished with them by next Monday, but it will be another two weeks, I expect. I wish I could post them! The publisher is purchasing the copyright, though, so I don't feel comfortable putting them out into the world myself. I am going to figure out how to watermark them or something at some point, though, so I can put some of them up here. Anyway, I expect to get back to the 50 faces and maybe even a couple more little paintings tomorrow!

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