Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Counter Act"

Oil on Board
$100 plus $10 domestic s/h
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Change isn't very comfortable! I've been thinking about what I said yesterday about needing to do something different and this is a result. As I look at the photo, I see that there's a couple of spots that I need to tend to--I'll have to do that and replace the photo tomorrow. Anyway, I've been thinking how much I love color and that my eye is drawn to shapes, so I decided to take this theme that I've painted before and play with it in a way that addresses that. I like the simplicity, the palette and the composition.

I find it a little disconcerting, though, to do something so off the path I've put myself on!! I have had "have a consistent body of work" so drilled into my head, that doing something outside of that makes me itchy! But, hey, it's only a little painting! It's interesting how much importance one can place on something so UN-important- -importance and expectations. I hope I'm not so neurotic that I'm relatively alone in this!

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Sara Winters said...

I tend to get stuck in my own head sometimes too.