Saturday, March 28, 2009

Painting in Process--Carol

Oil on Board
NFS (unfinished)

Today I had the unusual and great experience of painting someone from life--Carol, who supports the arts by purchasing them, loving them and learning them (along with her husband) offered to sit for me so I could do this. What a challenge! The conditions were so different than doing my studio paintings and I felt compelled to be quick so she wouldn't get too tired of sitting still! In my drawing classes I really stress squinting to help see color and value shapes--it was interesting to realize how easy it is to do when working from a photo when compared to a real model! Too, getting the color was tough. I took photos, too, so will be finishing this painting from those. But there is a likeness of her here--not that complete of one yet, but there's potential. Anyway, I'd really like to do more of this--and I'm grateful that she is a willing model!
Also, I decided to try this with a limited palette like yesterday's: alizaron crimson, ultramarine blue, cad lemon, white and raw sienna because I went off without my ochre nor did I have that yellow I used yesterday. I liked mixing the different blacks.
By the way, that color of yellow I became so enamored with yesterday is Alizaron Yellow made by Williamsburg paints!

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