Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Golden Moment" (#2) (sold)

16"x16" image size
Oil on Board
This painting was inspired by a small one I posted not too long ago. I loved the colors in it. I have painted this subject a few times before in reds--which is what the scene is actually like--but was never happy with my large version of it, so decided to try this. I had a hard time getting the colors to be true to the painting in the photo, but they are much more pleasing to me than the red tones. I'm not sure if this is finished--I'm going to set it up and just look at it for the next couple of weeks before I frame it!


LSaeta said...

The light reflection on the front of the sofa and the floor is amazing. Beautiful painting.

Susan said...

Oh, this is so wonderful! I like the light and the velvety dark golds...but the thing that gets me is the way you took care with the pages. I teach college, and spend so much time sitting with a sheaf of papers, reading and thinking and editing. So this speaks to me. I remembered it in reds, but this is really special.