Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Yellow Dog Morning" (sold)

12"x12" image size
Oil on Board

I painted a little 6x6 of this subject last summer and always wanted to do a larger version of it, so here it is. I had fun with the intense color--though I'm wondering if it's too much so! This was one of those paintings that seemed it could go on forever--the more I looked, the more I saw that I could put in. The temperature of the painting matches the temperature outside today, too--HOT!! I'll be hanging this in a show next week, so it will be available through Tumalo Art Company then or you can email me for information/selling price.


Paula Cravens said...

Cool title for this one, Vicki. Good luck with your show. I really like the cowgirls also.

k said...

This is a really lovely picture; I love that dog.

Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Wonderful contrast between the warm light and cool shade and the keyed up colour is grand Vicki!!

All the best for a great show!!