Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Cowgirl With a Soda" (sold)

12"x6" image size
This painting surprised me! I've been using a limited palette lately of ultramarine blue, alizaron crimson, alizaron yellow and white. Today I changed the blue to pthalo blue and got this great lime green that I just had to keep. It felt good to do something with some hot color! It seems like a fair amount of the color in this painting was a result of painting then wiping it off and working with what was left. That's fairly new to me and I hope to learn to really use that technique--today it was a happy accident.


Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

I recognize this painting from a previous drawing, translated very well.
With the entire rainbow on my palette I may have to try a limited one sometime...alizarin yellow? That's a new one!

LSaeta said...

How funny ... I cahnged my palette yesterday too. What a difference in the color. I love this painting. You are so talented!