Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Teamwork" (sold)

12"x24" image size
Oil on Board
$1095 framed plus s/h

Today I finished this painting of the team-ropers for next month's show. It was fun--but quite a challenge! Actually, it was WORK!! I think I get pretty spoiled by doing the little paintings. Anyway, I feel like I'm still finding my way when it comes to backgrounds on these rodeo paintings. They can be such a distraction from the subject, but I like the way they add to the story, so I really want to work it out. I'm very pleased with the movement and dynamism in this painting. This photo has somehow been unevenly lit; I'll switch it out when I take a new one!

1 comment:

LSaeta said...

Lovely painting and so much detail! Wow you are brave to take this on. And the larger size too ... amazing!