Sunday, January 10, 2010

Final Version "Caught"

Oil on Board
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Thanks to suggestions from some of you, I've made a couple of changes on this painting and I think it works pretty well now. I also had a suggestion for a new title: "Are You Looking at Me?". I just may change it to that as it fits her expression pretty well! Speaking of expressions, we watched a movie about Alice Neel last night and got totally inspired! I have seen reproductions of her work in the books over the last 20 years, but really had no idea about her life and just how amazing she was at capturing the personality of her subject.

OK, this is where my creativity REALLY got expressed
today--in making gluten-free bread for the first time
and cultured veggies. A few years ago, I was having some
really minor health problems and came across some info that en-
couraged me to try the "Body Ecology Diet". My symptoms didn't
really change, but I felt better than I ever have. Over the last year or so, I've gotten back into alot of my old habits again, but am ready to go back to it. I've tried quite a few different gluten-free breads, but never tried to bake it before. I found a recipe at and it's really pretty tasty. Cultured veggies were a bit of a mystery to me--and will be until they have fermented for a few days or so more! I found a blog There was a video by Sandor Katz showing the steps, so I gave it a shot. I'm looking forward to trying them!


LSaeta said...

Wow Vicky. So fun to watch this painting progress! And I really like the suggested title - she just has that expression on her face!
Thanks so much for sharing your talents!

Anonymous said...

Vicki, this looks fabulous and i like what you really "reads" well now. YAY for you!!!

Barb Hillier said...

I love the looseness of this piece and the attitude of the woman is caught perfectly. Beautiful painting! I have been gluten free for over two decades and definitely promote it as a healthier way to live. Thanks for the link to the recipes.

Roxanne Steed said...

Vicki, this is absolutely stunning. Got a competition in mind?? This one's really wonderful!!!