Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Woman With a Broom"

Oil on Board
$425 includes domestic s/h
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Since I posted this yesterday, I have replaced the original photo of the painting for a better one, though I still can't seem to get rid of the extreme contrast between the black of her shirt and the blue reflections in the window. Not sure what to do about that! Time for the professionals!

Whenever I do a painting that is quite a bit different from the norm for me, I have to sit with it awhile. This is one of those. I ended up using the palette knife much more than I expected to which helped me keep things loose. I like that about it. At one point I thought I would leave out the reflections on the window (I photographed her from the outside), then decided I wanted them to be a part of the painting. I'm curious to know how you think it reads. I thought about calling the painting "Caught" and I may yet! I caught her looking at me as she caught me looking at her!


Anonymous said...

Vicki...well done. I was thinking of the "reflection issue" and may i give an unsolicited thought? Perhaps tone down the grid pattern a bit...making it a little more suggestive and reflective...the placement and intensity of it as is is a bit distracting...i think you will be able to accomplish the same effect if did this and carried it down the composition a bit. does that make sense? just a thought...

Karen Hargett said...

I really like this as is - I think the refection really adds to the painting. I'd call it "You're Looking At Me?"