Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Morning Warm-Up"

Oil on Cradled Board
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Well, I believe this is finished and it feels great! I am so used to painting the little pieces, that it is hard not to finish things in a day or so. However, it takes as long as it takes. . . I think that most of the challenges I faced with this painting were mainly because of it being larger than what I'm accustomed to--it was hard not to be all over the painting at the same time like you can be (almost) with a little piece. And then parts of it would be nearly dry when I'd go back to them after a day or so and it sometimes felt like beginning all over again. One thing that was helpful here for me, was using a limited palette. It wasn't hard to remix colors and to find the harmonies since I had just a few colors forming the foundation of the painting.


Anonymous said...

Vicky, just love the colors of the ground and earth plus the shadows are superb! well done.

LSaeta said...

You are soo talented ... and this one is a beauty. Congrats on accomplishing success in a larger format!